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As President of Resource Technology, I thank you for taking time to learn more about us, who we are, what we do, how we differ, and how we may help your business

The Telecom and Technology industry has been radically transformed with Mergers and Acquisitions in recent years, the list of M&A's include Microsoft & LinkedIn, Level 3 & Centurylink, Time Warner & AT&T, XO Communications & Verizon, Charter Comm & Time Warner Cable, Windstream & Earthlink, Frontier & Verizon.

Thus "communications made simple" is our slogan. Businesses can't keep up with mergers and acquisitions, changing account teams, current and upcoming technologies, find best solutions and support, get simple straight answers, therefore we do this for you. We put our 35 years experience to work for you.

We're the resource for telecom, data, networks, internet, cloud, advanced technology solutions and support. We manage entire processes of vendor vetting and selection, multiple competitive quotes, contract procurement, project management, installation, and life of contract support for our clients.

Our philosophy, in each client engagements, includes communications made simple and, simply deliver our clients a great experience every time. 

The former ways of procurement for technology and services for business has changed. We are here to educate, support, deliver simplified processes, and provide a great customer experience. 

We have broken the mold in traditional technology procurement for business technology services, solutions and support. We reduce expense, time, manpower, meetings, invoices, solutions, networks, and deliver ROI.

  • Strategically focused
  • Advanced technologies
  • Purpose-built networks
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Best-in-class service solutions
  • Local support and resources 

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